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Welcome to West Texas Gifts of Hope...
the house that “HOPE” built
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Services Provided…

"When you choose hope, everything is possible."

A four bedroom lodging facility that includes private baths, living room, dining room, kitchen. Everything is complimentary without charge except the patient’s food.

A sandwich lunch is provided daily for the patients in the chemotherapy infusion lab. This service that includes a sandwich, drinks, chips and a cookie is sponsored by local donors and served by volunteers.

Cosmetic enhancements include hair, skin and nails. Wigs, turbans and a variety of hats are provided for all cancer patients who want to look better and feel better.

Gas cards are provided for patients in remote areas while complimentary taxi and public bus vouchers are given to local patients in need of transport to the cancer center.

Assistance for prescriptions are available with an order from the patient’s oncologist and the cancer treatment is either dependent on the medication or the medication is prescribed for comfort during treatment.

This service provides helpful items for oral, skin and emotional care for the patient while taking treatment.

Durable medical equipment is provided upon request when a patient is in need of wheelchairs, walkers or other appliances and/or supplies.

Dental assistance is provided only when the oncologist will not administer cancer treatment without the prescribed dental procedures.

West Texas Gifts of Hope, Inc. is a 501C3

Notes from our clients…

“Thank you for serving lunch to us while we faced a long day of chemo. A friendly face and a good sandwich made the afternoon so much easier to face."

Patient from Fort Stockton

“We shall be forever grateful for the service that Hope House has provided. We could not have driven home every day and the beds were even good.”

Patient from Terlingua

“We needed a wheel chair for my husband and West Texas Gifts of Hope delivered it to our door. God Bless you.”

Patient from Odessa

Hope House Odessa serves cancer patients undergoing treatments who live afar. Al had radiation treatments 5 days a week for 8 weeks and it would have been very difficult for us to drive back and forth every day during this time as we live 150 miles from Odessa.

Hope House provides clean, comfortable living quarters with a staff that is professional, caring and helpful.

The staff - paid,volunteers and the Board of Directors of Hope House are totally dedicated to serving God by providing this great service for cancer patients and they are committed to making your stay comfortable and as stress free as possible.

Thank you Hope House - you are a true blessing for making our ordeal actually pleasant by your provision for us and so many other cancer patients.

Al & Jenie Marathon